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Two-photon calcium imaging of somatic and dendritic calcium transients, with simultaneous dendritic recordings, provided the most direct evidence of local dendritic spiking.Yates, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 14, 815 (2013)
By zooming into the mouse visual system with a two-photon microscope, Smith and Hausser provide important insights into how cortex produces diverse functional tuning under the constraint of low divergence. Their work will serve as a valuable reference for imaging the visual system at finer resolution in other species.Sirotin and Das, Nature Neuroscience 13, 1045 (2010)
It's a remarkable discovery — one that's [providing] important insights into the role that dendrites play in brain circuitry and function.Dvorsky, io9 (2013)
This is a reference point to minimize electrode size and increase the spatial density in MEAs [microelectrode arrays]. Rothschild, Frontiers in Neuroengineering (2010)